Toulemonde Bochart. 2019

Toulemonde Bochart. 2019

Polia Carpet

In rectangle as well as in free form, the carpet Polia is my interpretation of the universe of the masters of abstract painting. Freedom of composition, form and exploration of colour guided me in the creation of this collection. In its rectangular version, the eye is drawn to the centre of the carpet and then wanders around this eye open to the world. Singular and user-friendly, the version Polia Shape allows to create a space refocused towards the heart of the composition. The carpet Polia is part of the Designer collection of the French Toulemonde Bochartbrand.

Tufted carpet 100% wool. Winter and Spring colours.

Polia size: 170×240 cm and 200×300 cm. Polia Shape size: 180×270 cm and 250×350 cm and special dimensions.
© photo D. Delmas, Alessandro di BonMiniforms and Gervasoni catalogue

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Toulemonde Bochart

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